Last Days Of Winter Sale

Hola dears,

I have been hard-working lately at the last days of winter sale. Not only the shops are giving all by making the best possible offer but also the shoppers, let's take example A - me. I have been shopping at a Saturday - the advanced shopper knows what that means: the city center is overfilled! With my mother. While she was checking the overall offers she sent me to my favorite department and let me check everything. And I literally checked everything and took all that fell into my hands to try in the end a good result came out that on the one hand my mother approved and on the other hand made me extend my closet with my style and items in my favorites color purple and colors from which I have too less in my closet (navy blue) and such that were on my wishlist for a long time.

Check my new in below;

A lucky catch when I was at the cass about to pay already and my mother
discovered it and I quickly went to grab it. A cool sweatshirt jacket by 
Lipsy. I can't wait to combine it w/ suits.

 A good alternative to the suit or vest: a light cardigan by Comma.

It's cuddly, it's fluffy, it's navy - I want it! Knit jacket with hoodie by 

I must confess I've started to chase for midi-skirts. My mother prefers 
them more than minis. This one is warm and in my favorite color and
gives me a beautiful feminine wesp-waist. By Hallhuber.

The key to my heart. Save the trend: Statement necklace advanced a long
necklace with a statement pendant. By I am

Long time on my wishlist finally bought:

THE trend shoe. You hardly see someone male or female without those rider-boots. Rocky as
I am I naturally chose the rocky version w/ rivets. The perfect alternative to black in this 
case: beige. By Akira 

Dresscode: Red. For a social politician to be. It's funny that my mother 
chose what I liked long time ago but though she wouldn't like them.
By Menbury.

Winter without the Russian inspired romance? Unthinkable for me! That's why спасибо больщое (thank you very much) by two Katjas for my Russian and Ukraine import in my most favorite color:

As everytime if you want to know any prize don't hesitate to drop me a private message.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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