Fighting To Survive In The Wilderness Called Life

Bonjour mes chérs,

just like the classy and timeless leo-print is every year anew celebrated as a trend, so it will always belong to our life to fight for what we love, what want and what we live for!

Be like the leopard itself and approach as a silent observer but don't forget to grab your chance like a leopard its prey.

It might be the chance of your life.

Sunny warm kisses.

Blazer - Zara; leather skirt - C&A; boots - GUESS?; watch - 
Tommy Hilfiger; earrings - Bijou Brigitte

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping Week - I Dare You To Imitate It!

Hello lovlies,

can you imagine to go shopping on every day of the week? Well I did it and it was more than pleasuring, to express it a little bit noble.

Today I am presenting you my new arrivals for my wardrobe.

Check it out below:

A jacket à la Chanel in grey. It is the small size but when I wear it it looks 
classily oversized by Adagio in Karstadt.

One of my dream dresses. A LBD with lace-sleeves. And I was 
more than lucky to have found it today, one week later in the other 
store they have in another shopping center located in another district 
of Hamburg, in a noble blue in my size too by Paparazzi.

Power shoe-shopping: Because gold and silver of these super comfortable Buffalo pumps looked great I have decided to buy them both. And a basic pump from Högl can never harm you.

Seen. Loved. Bought. That's how easy it can go with a dress by Lipsy London 
to find at Karstadt.

And of course my iPhone deserves some beautiful accessories, too. By Karstadt. The panda-earrings 
by Bijou Brigitte were a lucky catch today.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Benefit With Benefit Brows

Salut mes chers,

look me deep in the eyes... and tell me what you see.

Beautiful, perfectly made eyebrows? Flawless? Do you think "I want such perfect eyebrows, too!" ?

Impossible is nothing. I have to thank the best make-up artist I have ever met, Dajana Pantic, for my perfect eyebrows.

Visit her at the biggest perfumery "Douglas" of North Germany, in the city center of Hamburg, in the "Benefit" shop and she will find the perfect form to scene your beautiful eyes with the perfect matching eyebrows as she did with mine. I am very happy calling her my friend. ♥

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Denim Stands For Elegance

Ciao belli,

wow after my big break of blogging I literally seem to spam you now, but I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Today we are coming back to an outfit of the day, after many fashion events and collaborations I am back with a rather casual and rocky 90s style from which I got inspired by my idol Piret Järvis.

My sweet angel, we could be twins, couldn't we? :)

You know that my standard items for my shopping outfits are opaque black tights and a skirt. For this time I have combined a fanciful and noble skirt, cool and trendy in black, with an as trendy light blue denim shirt with press studs which is easier to take on and off. The purple scarf and red lips shall bring up the sunny mood to the black coolness on the lower half of the look. The skirt itself is best worn with high shoes to which best were my ankle boots by GUESS? because it is still cold and windy despite the sunshine outside.

Boots - GUESS?; tights - Kunert; skirt - Zara; denim shirt - C&A; bag - 
Belmundo; lipstick - Debby

Earrings - I am; leather jacket - L&B

A selfie for you ;)

The 90s never looked so modern.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

The After-Show Party

Bonjour mes chers amis,

after the little peak, when I presented you my headpiece by Vitovenice and the main article about the fashion show I will in this short post share some highlights of the LMD fashion show with you.

This time Liz Malraux Design had the honour to welcome some German celebrities, such as Claudia Gülzow - sadly I did not catch her :( , Eva Habermann, who was one of the main models, Christine Neubauer or Ronja Hilbig, who looked great in their LMD creations.

 Christine Neubauer caught between two black beauties ;)
 Above and below with the sweet Ronja Hilbig.

 After the show on the catwalk with the beautiful model Larissa

 Spotted the designer Liz Malraux and Eva Habermann
 Because the last one of us was so beautiful we made another one, me and my
favorite designer Liz Malraux lovely as always.

They of course brought lots of reporters and photographers with them ;).

 Above behind me and below spotted: Christina Neubauer in a dream in red surrounded by fans and

For me I can say that I have made some great acquaintances!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


Q: What got you interested in fashion?
A: That's a hard question. For as long as I remember, I've liked fashion. I like the beauty and glamuor and that it is so indivudual in many different ways.

Q: What do you like most about fashion?
A: It must be the beauty and the fact that you can expess yourself in so many different ways.

Q: Who's your favorite designer?
A: Well, I don't really have one favorite designer, I have more. So, my favorite designers are:
- Karolin Kuusik, Liisi Eesmaa and Mari Martin from the Tallinn Dolls
- Karl Lagerfeld or rather Chanel
- Christian Dior
- Liz Malraux
- Liina Stein
Q: Dresses or skirts?
A: Depends actually. But according to my "new" style or rather to the style I've finally found, I would prefer dresses.

Q: What kind of shoes do you wear the most?
A: Defintely high-heels!

Q: Favorite colour?
A: Purple! And Royal blue :)

Q: Favorite animal?
A: Well, since I have him it is my beloved doggie, Jimmy. But apart from him, the tiger!

Q: What is that you like most about the fashion shows?
A: The after party (laugh)! But back to the actual show, it's of course the fashion event itself and also the fact that as a fashion blogger you can see if the designer agrees with you when it comes to the trends or not. What you have in mind concerning the designs and styles and what the designer has in mind.

Q: Would you ever write a book about fashion?
A: Yes. I even annouced it on my facebook page when it hit 100 likes that I would write a book about fashion but also about myself a litte. And the fans seemed to like that idea.

Q: What kind of clothing would you never wear?
A: Lets say in public, I would never wear to sexy clouthing. Cloths that shows to much skin. And pink. Im an anti-pink person.

Q: What kind of clothing would you never wear?
A: Lets say, in public I would never wear to sexy clouthing. Clothes that shows too much skin. And pink. Im an anti-pink-person.

And I would never wear what everybody else wears. I kinda think it's silly to follow every trend, I like to stand out in the crowd.

Liz Malraux Design - Spring/Summer 2014

Hello my sweethearts,

did you enjoy my last post? Yes? Yes? Yes? Then I bet you are already very excited to read about the Liz Malraux Design fashion show Spring/Summer 2014.

What I especially love about fashion shows is apart from meeting interesting new people and the fashion event itself, I as blogger can check if the trends I have in my head and would set for the season agree with the designer's or not - because you know I don't follow every trend, I love to set my own ones by getting inspired from my surroundings - and what else she has because it can possibly inspire me, too.

This marvelous fashion show was divided in 12 parts, each one presenting one of the spring-summer trends 2014 à la Liz Malraux Design, one block of creations better than the other.

Excitedly awaiting the fashion show with my very best friend

Liz opened her fashion show with some of her works of abstract arts, she counts herself in. Which were a combination of soft pink and shades of grey, black and white. With them she wanted to show that it is the detail that matters in her fashion.
Get away from the ready-made clothing, is the motto of her couture designs.

Something noticeable in her collection was the exquisite made embroidery.

It went on as colorful, the cheeky stripes mustn't of course miss in this season, too. After they have greatly celebrated with white last year stripes are this year combined with the favorite colors of the summer e.g. blue or pink.

Stripes are cheeky and bring out the crazy, funny and good mood, but what about the coolness of summer? Black stays! Whoever claims that black would steal the light and warmth of summer doesn't seem to desire some cool-up. Because that's black is for the cool-up when it is getting too hot.
Black leather is highly asked in this season.

Talking about cool-up, a summer without holidays on the seaside is unimaginable for most of probably if not even all of us. That's something the designer Liz Malraux knows and awakens the romance of the 50s, 60s and 80s with the "new maritime" for a romantic holiday on the beach. Navy and white are combined with the romantic red and some fanciful cuts and pieces.

And of course the colors of the romantic sea and harbour-life mustn't miss on a romantic holiday on the seaside. Enjoy the navy look with some lightness in form of tulle.

An abstract artist like Liz Malraux belongs to the group expressionists. With her trademark, the crocodile leather, she sets the trend of the "new expressionism" and combines black with a noble drop champagne.

It is getting wild this season, Liz Malraux opens her safari this season again and combines it with the colours of crystals.

In this fashion show of Liz Malraux we had the honor to experience something completely new and unawaited: Denim! Noticeable about her version of the denim was its lightness, combined with white and the jeans couture which is called drained denim, which means that the jeans was finished so thin that it is comparable to lace.

"Felicitas essendi" is how Liz Malraux calls her pastel trend. Tender colors of lavendar, pink, yellow, blue and green are combined with white and never looked as good.

Continuing with tenderness, Liz shows how less is more with tender and discreet cuts. The tenderness was spread around the whole room.

The grand final of Liz Malraux's fashion show were the marvelous dresses which were even more a highlight with their breath-taking head piceses.

And for everyone who thought that was the end would have missed Liz' attraction which you only see on her show, a selection of her loyal customers introduced as her "no-age"-models presented their most favorite suits from their evening wardrobe.

My comclusion: Liz surpassed herself with her collection once again. It was full of surprises and breath-taking creations.

I hope you like it as much as I do, tomorrow all about the specials and aftershow-party.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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