Accessory Of The Month

"A secret makes a woman a woman."

Having this in my I kindly greet to you, my beloved readership,

today I want to present you another item by Fashion2010 - you will certainly remember my debut post about this company from last month. A little hat with a net in the front that covers your face, from the label Vitovenice - and I am very happy to make their item the accessory of the month Febuary.

The rich and noble lady used to wear this piece especially in the 50s and 80s either at a funeral, as the member of an audience at a show or a big event.

This so called fascinator gives every lady something mysterious and self-protection from other people because the net doesn't let you look into the lady's soul through her eyes, so you also can't get to see her emotions. With this the lady has more self-confidence, too.

I have worn my fascinator firstly on a dinner with my parents in the chic hotel Grand Élysée and yesterday at Liz Malraux's Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show [coming tomorrow on the blog] in the as noble Atlantic Hotel Kempinski - both times with a dress: one in color and another black look but in order to not look like at a funeral I have added some spicy black details.

 "Don't trust anyone, not even your mirror image", - JK

 A private one in between - Cheers!

Fascinator - Vitovenice; earrings and necklace - Bijou Brigitte; dress - Adagio;
blazer - H&M; bracelet - I am; watch - Tommy Hilfiger; tights - YSL; ankle
boots - Belmundo

Lipstick - Boulevard de Beauté; dress - Señorita; cardigan - L&B; bracelet - Douglas;
boots - GUESS?

And here I present you two famous fascinator-wearers: Joan Collins as Alexis Morell Carrington Colby who chose a feminine suit and Katrin Siska who wears a modern colorful look and shows how ladylike you can be even in trousers.

Photo: Jelena Rudi

Be mysterious, be a woman.

Xoxo Johanna


  1. WOW! I am just proud of you of this stylization. Love this dress and hat!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!! :)

  3. Liking all your stuff that you have posted appreciate you for that,Good to see your fashion sense,Basically what they have said is pretty much making sense women accessories because they do have an appropriate sense of humor.


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