My Lipstick Lasts Longer Than Your Kiss

Good day my sweethearts,

a woman, a mystery; a lady, your fantasy. Sometimes we look around and think that's it. And then we cross the horizon and the future gives us a shiver. Cold, cold, cold.
Is it this? Or is it yet not found? And what about the things that have been said but have yet not been done?

I just know one thing. Just like I look at you and have a burning desire you'll look at me and see the cold reality. Firm like a wall, cold the ice I will be hard to break. Because hurt and pain and held in this crystal.
I will let you look at me and feel like you will never have me. I will play my game with you and see what limits you will reach and cross. I will look away and make you feel like I don't care but once I might treat you like gold if you'll still be there.

Flanel shirt - s.Oliver
Belt & Marlene pants - C&A
Watch - Tommy Hilfigher
Earrings & necklace - Chanel
Shoes - Görtz

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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