Her Bright Skies' Rivals

Hej my sweet people,

it's time for all of us to see bright skies and what could help us better with that than a band called Her Bright Skies [HBS in the following]?

Photo: Fredrik Rollman

HBS is a band that finds its origin in the south-Swedish town Jönköping. The hardcore-rock band was founded in 2005 with the members Johan "Jaybee" Brolin (lead-vocals), Niclas "Nikki" Sjörstedt (guitar), Petter "Pete" Nilsson (guitar, vocals) and Joakim "Jolle" Karlsson (bass, guitar, vocals).

If you are in the mood to really let it rock or let out aggression, anger or other emotions "Rivals" is the only right and recommendable album with 11 songs that keep what they promise and cross over your expectations.
The songs, one better than the other, are not about screaming but hold deep lyrics and feelings which makes them enjoyable for everyone. What makes the album more likable is that that every song that is written and composed by the band members themselves has a different melody. Three bonus tracks in acoustic version make you sink emotional. 

Personally Her Bright Skies' music has been helping me a lot in a difficult period and has been always building me up. I wonder what impact they will leave on you.

Among these 14 songs however I tried to pick my tops which are the title song "Rivals", "Working Class Punx", "Lovekills" (which I would actually like to cover one day), "Bonnie & Clyde (The Revolution)", "I'll Be For You" and "Sweet Sweet Revenge". Almost half of the album, I know, it was really hard to choose. But find out yourselves and enjoy the soul and heart of four handsome gentlemen.

Check them out online and on Facebook.

I hope the gentlemen like their place next to the ladies of Vanilla Ninja - my favorite bands 

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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