SheInside Publisher Program

Bonsoir my beauties,

as you know your favorite blogger is working among others with SheInside. The online shop known for pretty clothing. What is special about SheInside is that its team always works on improving the satisfaction of their customers such as with their publisher program: All you need to do is to publish SheInside promotions and products on social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. like this you can earn some bonus points to use during your SheInside shopping.

The bonus points have a major benefit that you can use them to have discount for your shopping another good reason to join it is that you can fully feel like a model presenting their fashion.

Attracted by the offer? If you join now you will get $5 as a welcome when you register. Join now here:

Once again the rules:
  • You need to apply to join the program. You must input all information needed completely.
  • You should fill the Social Platform Option with all your social links. Not just "Tumblr, Facebook. Instagram", but with the whole URL to those site.
  • You should share one Sheinside promotion along with three products.
  • Log in to your account and submit the link in "PP- $ 5 for the new members” in the “Submit Links” option. " You will get $5 commission on your account as soon as you submit the link.
  • Each person can only register once.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. Love the site it has very beautiful and amazing items
    Have a great weekend dear


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