Liz Malraux Design Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

Good evening my beautiful people,

another season is coming to an end and opens the stage for new fashion trends for another half a year. Luxurious and of high quality, in love with the detail as usual is once again the new collection by Liz Malraux. However Liz always manages to interpret her personal style and classic pieces, such as the crocodile-leather, new.

My (and certainly everybody else's) highlight was that the Hamburg designer managed to interpret classic styles and pieces completely new and match them to her personal style and design but let her new collection speak for itself.
Location: Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg

The show was opened with a trend called Aristo: a new classic that introduces the new woman's darling: charms that are featured on the handbags and sweatshirts as usual with golden accents.
Essential for the Aristo trend is the midi-skirt.

Another trend alert which Liz Malraux design featured to her own looks is the cult-parka designed into the Aristo look in the trend colors of the season. Best worn are those commonly known pieces with longshirts and Aristo boots. Moreover the essential knit - luxury, as it is known by LMD - belongs to the completion of the look as well.

"Color me beautiful" was the  motto it went on with. The soft pastels stay for the cold and gloomy autumn/winter season in the most luxurious way.

Liz Malraux doesn't only design fashion for every age but also for every style and taste. So she featured the British fashion. "British Tweet", as it is called, combines finest italian leather with rustic fashion in cognac color. This is a fashion that is wearable in everyday life within the LMD couture.

As usual Liz Malraux is inspired by the nature. Not only for prints but also what concerns the lastingness of her fashion. The focus is on the nature featured with graphical pattern, love to the detail and futuristic pattern.

My and my mother's biggest surprise and personal highlight: Chanel was created new by Liz Malraux matched to her style. Just as the Chanel bouclé, Liz Malraux' couture is always up to date. With sneakers as stylistic incongruity, figure-hugging corsage-dresses and the rebirth of lace LMD "remember(s) Chanel".

Can you imagine the fashion world without black? Me also not. Neither can Liz. In her "black edition" she presents a varsatile black with which every woman can awake her dark side in a glamorous, cool and sexy way. Her black biker-fashion awakens the wish for freedom. Leather meets cashmere and masculine meets feminine.

The most expensive cloth since LMD is doubtlessly the transparency of lace. So she presented "couture par excellence".

In the grand final Liz Malraux presented full of elegance, uniqueness and gleam fashion for night events.

Have you found your favorite trend for autumn/winter 2014/2015?

Tomorrow more about the after-show party.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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