My Heart Is Beating Turquoise

Good evening lovelies,

you know, personally I think that people like doctors, teachers or stylist have the most important of all jobs, because their clients have to build trust to them and if suddenly he or she disappears all of a sudden I bet you all get this uncomfortable feeling of how the new successor will be.

I am very lucky to be valued as a high-cherished client at Miu Nails & Wellness where my constant nail artist left. The new one proved me yesterday that I am still in the most capable hands as the chief assured me and always made sure I am fine.

This time my heart beat blue and green, together I have decided to choose a turquoise color - which the chief bought extra for my mother - and was tried out a new nail art with glitter trendy shade to shade.

Like it? Miu Nails & Wellness take best care of all their clients new and old and it is not far off.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. Hi dear,
    Amazing nails, love it!
    I just found your blog and it's great, follow you right now, hope you can follow me back :)

  2. Wow,so the nail art and nail polish is so beautiful
    Keep intouch


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