Don't Even Think Of It!

Good morning my loves,

before I leave to my Russian class I wanted to share the beautiful news with you that today - some years ago - a wonderful and one of my most special people was born. You wonder what's so special about that person? Well, 21 years ago he wished for me and I was named the female version of his father's name. Right, I am talking about my beloved daddy who turned years old today and I wish him all and only the best in his life and that if he has more wishes that they come true, too. I am blessed to have his love towards culture and countries, music passion and ability to draw.

Who of you hasn't experienced it...? These things in life you can't imagine them without a certain thing? 80s hairstyles without hairspray, a day without smiling and a classy Fall4Me Johanna without polka dots...! Don't worry, don't worry! And forgive me please if I scared you. You know that could never happen as you see.

When I wear polka dots I feel very light and automatically happy. They give me the feeling that everything in the world is going round and well. That's why I love them so much. They have something carefree about them, something easy-going and in all their strict and unapproachable elegance something cheeky and warm.
And because everything is going round I love to combine my polka dots with round accessories like pearls and a bun, and a classy and matching gaudy-red lipstick.

Polka dot blouse - New Look
Marlene pants - C&A
Pumps - Deichmann
Pearl Earrings - H&M
Watch - Chanel
Lipstick - Debby

We shouldn't be afraid of the coldness of something before we haven't tackled it exactly. Sometimes things don't seem as black as they may look like from the first view. You just have to get the right point or rather dot and feel well in what you do in order to be confident about it and also seem good with it.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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