Shopping De Luxe

Hello my dear hearts,

part #2 of my "new in"-post. If you liked my Christmas gifts and shopping achievements I am sure you will love those as well.

I want to tell you - even if I might have done it already - that shopping after Christmas is my most favorite shopping-time of the year, apart from the holiday-shopping naturally.
Red prizes everywhere, sale de luxe! The stores are really arranging a competition of who's sale advertising is the best and biggest one.
My shopping-philosophy is always "why should you buy something if you know you can have it for less money after a while in the same good quality?" - don't you agree?
I benefit even more thanks to my staff-discount.

Enough talk now. Let the pictures and new in speak New Look, I am and Six were stuck with it:

That moment when you see a one-piece which catches you eye and realize that 
it is something you have been looking for all the time, plus it fits you! That's all 
to tell about this trendy polka dot blouse with the black ribbon from New Look. 

Another trendy thing, pullover dresses, cozy, chic and in a big variety to wear.
From New Look.

Another lovely blouse by New Look

A warm blouse for a coming soon trend by Fall4Me from Adagio

After my necklace broke in May I finally found one compareable to it again from SIX. 

Another necklace which fits to the earrings I bought in summer. From I am. Tender pastel and innocent flowers.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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