Look & Nails Of The Year!

Good day sweet people,

just like last year we have a "look and nail art of the year" - the most popular look among my Facebook fans which I am going to write about again in this entry.

I was surprised myself about the popularity of the look nr. 183. I have worn it for a church visit in the summer time. Back then Catherine Oxenberg as Amanda Carrington made me not only wear the Marlene pants again since my childhood, she also made me fall in love with them.

When I was a child I didn't like them because I thought they are conventional and make you older. Now I cannot go without them anymore since she showed me how to wear and combine them in a young but independent and self-confident ladylike style with high-heels, beautiful blouses, untied (hairspray styled) hair and the right accessories.

The most popular nail art wasn't just one - this year we havehad two "winners": the "shades of green" art for my green trend entry, with green as the color of the year and the "ocean lady" art.

Nail polish - P2 (N°249 "dangerous", 620 "artful", 232 "shockful", 840 "tell me a secret!", 130 "fresh 
sister", 170 "crazy"); Laura Beauté (N° Q1207)

 Nail polish - P2 (N° 110 "ocean lady")

Having this in mind I would like to share my most favorite looks of the year and a little sight into my personal highlights.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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