The Queen Of The Night

Bonjour mes chers,

who could be the so called "Queen of the Night"? The one who is attracting attention with her fashionable look at spring nights out - no matter if on parties or chic dinners.

The fashionable look I am talking about is my favourite color purple combined with one of my most favorite fashion colors, black.
What I love so much about purple is that it has something so mysterious about it. It is elegant but also has something calming and sweet about it. Purple is a very versatile color and fits to every type of person.

You should remember and notice here that this trend is refering to the night only and that strong, gaudy, neon or dark purple is asked here .
The combination of pastel purple and orange as dreamteam of 2013 but rather for the day time.

Yesterday I was invited to the party of a very close friend of mine and introduced a rocky version of that trend.

Top (available in different colors), bolero - L&B 
mini-skirt (avaialable in different colours and stripped) - H&M 
Tights - Falke 
bag - Mere Keskus 
winter boots - Osco 
bracelets (available in different colors) - Claire's

As you see I'm also wearing purple make-up. It was hard to find that purplep lipstick and after long thinking I've finally decided to buy it. It is just perfect not too dark so that also young women can wear it.
Personally, I'm not really a fan of lipgloss anymore because it just feels too slimy and slippery. Lipsticks are comfortable and keep longer.

Lipstick (N°37) - Debby 
eyeliner pencil (N°18) - Raphael Cosmetic Consulting (L&B Cosmetic Store) 
Mascara (N°6) - Artdeco 
Earrings - I am.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Black Is Not Black Anymore

Hola queridos,

on my last entry I've already told you that I love to style up a black outfit with very colorful accessories and told you that my next entry is going to be about that topic.

The best thing about black is that it works with every color and because of that even black can be a welcome color in this season.
Yesterday I've spent a calm day at home and tried it. I wore a black wide shirt with little silver stones and black leggings.

I've combined that with the silver/gold accessories I always wear (the ring I've got from my grandmother for Christmas, my silver D&G watch and my little 'Best Friend' necklace - they are like good-luck charms for me).

Shirt - C&A

My fingers were already very coloful with the NOTW N°21. Still I've added a ring with a big pastel blue stone.

Ring - I am

My wrist was styled with little bangles. They were available in a set in different colors.

Bangles - Karstadt

So... What color haven't I added to the outfit yet? Orange maybe, in the trendy snake print.

Earrings - Bijou Brigitte

As you see most of these accessories include gold, from which it is said that it's the new silver. But more about that soon.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Welcome Spring & Happy Easter

Hello sweet ones,

it has been one week since spring has started officially according to the calendar but outside it is still winter - the people who live in central Europe will understand what I mean. However, that's not a reason not to welcome and live the spring up.

After all I bet you all notice that it is bright again early in the morning when you wake up for school, university or work and that the sun is shining more. Besides from that it's Easter the event of the spring.

The only thing that is missing is the perfect spring and Easter style.
Rule number one is: colors, smooth and tender pastel colors or neon colours, no matter what type you are, everything is possible. You can either play with shades or create a colorful gamut of colours again.
The second rule is: pattern and prints, either preferred black and white stripes or flowerprints.

What I also like is pimp black and white with colorful accessories. But more about that on my next post.

Yesterday I have been to another - for me - important spring event, the spring ball of my dancing school which took place in the Congress Center of Hamburg again. Girls were mostly wearing black, pink or red touched by orange. 
I, for my outfit havve chosen a pink dress and played with shades my nails were in the colours of spring and my make-up natural with my orange must-have lipstick.

Nail polish - P2 (N°531, 840, 850, 660, 940, 820, 740, 540, 192, 232)

Dress - C&A (different colors available), Clutchbag - Bruno Banani, Plateaus - Style in

As you see my hair is styled to the side. A hairstyle has never looked so sweet and feminine. Save it for the season.

I wish you all a happy, colorful and peaceful Easter with your dear ones.
This was my brother's early Easter gift for me.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping Results

Hello my dears,

this weekend has been quite a shopping weekend for me. Firstly the smaller H&M shop in the city center of Hamburg has celebrated its re-opening with great offers and gift cards. Besides from that yesterday we've had one of our popular Sundays when the shops are open in the whole city.

Just as usual one of my most favourite shoe stores Street Super Shoes gave 20 % of discount to all the shoes in order to this day. I used the chance to buy the dark blue lacquer pumps I've seen some time before and which fit to my outfit based on the cavalary bolero. Some months ago I've told you that I only need to get blue shoes to fulfill that outfit and now I finally have them - even though they aren't the Tamaris ones. Besides from that the shoes are very comfortable.
Remember it is always alright if the shoe is darker than the whole outfit. Better a darker than a brighter one.

Pumps (lacquer, blue) - Street Super Shoe

H&M sold two basic clothes for the prize of one on Friday and Saturday. That caused a real boom for them. So I've bought two tops,

Tops (stripped, skin colour) - H&M

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Do It Yourself!

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today I've finally taken my time to style my hair by myself a hairstyle I have always admired. The rocky, curled bun that reminds of a punky Iroquois.

Among elegant rock-girls this 40s hairstyle is very popular and so it is for me.

Check out my result below:

All you need for this hairstyle is:
  • four scrunchies
  • three little hair clips
  • one or two little hair slides
  • a curling iron
  • hairspray
The make-up I would suggest for this is dramatically black eyes and either nude or dark purple lips because this is rather a night and party style.
So a fitting outfit would be black and silver additions.

I hope you like it as much as I and all the others who saw it like it :) I think for the first time out of fantasy it is well done.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

My Favourite Things #2

Hello my dear ones,

on my last entry of yesterday I have started to give an answer to the question that one of my followers asked me on Facebook.

I have already answered what I like to wear the most no matter what weather or season it is and will now go on with what I feel the most comfortable in and who inspires me.

It was much easier to sort out the things that I feel the most comfortable in as I often wear them in my everyday life.Whereas I have to say that the things I like to wear the most do not really differ from the things I feel the most comfortable in. Logically I would not like to wear them if they were not comfortable, too.

Anyway on the one hand it is the jeggings by Vero Moda I find very practical and comfortable. They are easy to put on and to combine. I already have a little collection of them and I even plan to buy more of them. Every season there are new colours sold. I generally always buy two of them at once because that is a better deal than buying just one. They fit to every type and weather and I think every woman should have at least the black one in her wardrobe.

Apart from the jeggings I am also deeply in love with versatile shorts, not matter if in summer or winter, with or without tights or legging. They are very trendy and perfect for a trendy layering look. You just feel sexy and cool in them and me as a freaky person with a freaky style I think that shorts are a basic need in such a wardrobe.

I also like the mini skirts by H&M or C&A. You will see that I have them in many different colours and also striped. Because they are comfortable, can be worn to everything and make you look sexy. But please girl do me a favour and do not pull them up too high, that just looks cheap. I love to wear those skirts on shopping tours. Once I have told you that black tights and skirts are a basic when I go shopping. Because it is easy and quick to pull on and off and black tights actually fit to everything if you want to try skirts or shorts.

Jeggings - Vero Moda 
Shorts (grey) - Pimkie
(white) - C&A
(Chanel style) - H&M 
Skirts (black, striped) - H&M
(purple, electric blue, green) - C&A

Chic and comfortable in cuddly knits I love knits because they are cuddly, chic and timeless. Knits like those can be worn in every season. As you see under them I am wearing my striped roll necks. I have just bought them in summer but I cannot go without them meanwhile. In cold summer evenings I would always recommend chic knits because they are versatile.

Knit sweat - Mango
knit jacket - Zara 
roll neck - Zara

One last thing I have sorted out is my denim jeans dress. Seriously no one of us ca go without jeans, they are comfortable, trendy and timeless. To the blue chic - which is going to be a summer trend - brown leather (to darker blue) and white silk  (to brighter blue) or pastel beige fits. Rivets and golden or caramel metal will be a must-add to them.

Jeans dress - New Look

Let us now come to my top five idols. Which have left their marks on me and inspired me and still do all the time.

My number ones are Piret Järvis and Katrin Siska whom I have already written about.

Piret motivates me with her musical spirit and her journalistic, TV and PR activities. Besides from that she has been chosen as Estonian sexiest woman alive 2006 and best dressed celebrity. She is one of my main idols because I can identify on my main style best with her.

Katrin as I have written inspires me for my everyday life as business woman, someone who has been involved in politics and most fashionable keyboarder as the piano is also my main instrument.

What I admire about both is their bravery to fashion and material mix.

My second and as equal idols are Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn. Classic and timeless and fashion icons who left their marks in the world of fashion.

My friends call me a lady and think these elegant and minimalistic styles fit very good to me with the special accessory and retro style.

My number three is Kate Middleton or rather Duchess Catherine. Since I have found myself and my style she has captured my impression for her and her grown up style which also fits to young women.
She is always worn suitable for every event and a big icon for many women especially of young age.

She is also fascinating me with her head-wear

My fourth idol is someone who symbolizes timeless classy high-fashion best, Catherine Oxenberg (back then as 20 year old in the early 80s as Amanda Carrington in "Dynasty").
What amazes me about her is her self-confident role, strength and determination. I could very well identify with that. Besides from that I love her classy and timeless wardrobe and the hairspray hairstyle and the make-up which conjures high cheekbones.

My last but not least big inspiration is Lana Del Rey.
What I especially like about her is that she brings the style of the 60s and 70s back to the future what concerns her music, videos and whole outter appearance. She is admired by many young girls and women. There are things I do not like about her such as the beauty operations she did not need at all in my opinion but still she is amazing. I love the texts of her songs and I also can identify with her.
I have fun about fashion when I am watching her.

I hope you enjoyed my style and my choices once again.

I am always open for more questions from you.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

My Favourite Things #1

Heyhey my dears,

yesterday one of my followers asked me on Facebook what I like to wear most - no matter what weather or season it is. In what I feel the most comfortable and who inspires me. In order to these questions I've decided to make a whole entry with an answer in detail.

First of all I would like to say that it was very difficult for me to prepare the answer as all my clothes have something special and a little story with emotions behind them. But I have managed to sort out my most favourite and most outstanding pieces. Those I wear very often I am going to present you in the following.

What I like to wear the most varies a little bit from what I feel the most comfortable in my everyday-life. In general my style is a mix of classic-elegant to girlish-fanciful looks to a rocker-chic with a touch of sexiness - whereas I myself don't interpret "sexy" with showing too much skin. I always wear something outstanding - this is what also identifies my style. Besides from that I am noticed positively always.

I also have to say that it really depends on my mood what I like to wear and not.

So clothes I like to wear the most are printed t-shirts or tights, e.g. by my favourite label Heavy Mental, my favourite band Vanilla Ninja or the one my brother got me as gift on the international women's day 2011 with one of my idols Piret Järvis.

Tights - Karstadt

Something else I like to wear are longer, elegant dresses or short and sexy dresses in summer at the beach, I even loved the lace dress so much that I bought it in more colours and even plan to buy it in more colours.

Pattern dress - New Yorker 
black dress - Tally Weijl

Lace dresses, black balloon dress - L&B

I love the ladylike pieces in my wardrobe especially the volant skirts with and without flower print and skirts that give you a sexy elegant waist. Therefore those I wear mainly with my black belt. On the top I love the blouses by Tally Weijl.  I really cannot have enough of them.
The article of clothing I am most proud of is also a skirt. The one full of rivets. I always love to create many looks based on it as it underlines my very rocky style.

Blue volant skirt - Tally Weijl 
black skirt with rivets - Zara 
blue volant skirt (flower print) - Hallhuber

Skirt - H&M

Blouse - Tally Weijl

I also have two jackets I am deeply in love with. One is my black leather jacket which always fits to my looks or my Lolita-coat, double buttoned.

The Chanel scarf you see is my constant company.
Coat - Diva, leather jacket - L&B

More constant companies are my versatile blazers. Especially since I am working or involved in politics I am partial to the business basic with rolled up sleeves. I am especially in love with cavalary jackets.

Blazer (Chanel style) - H&M 
cavalay jacket - Elara
black blazer - Tally Weijl
blue blazer - H&M

The striped blazer and the pants are also one of my favourite pieces. And the look with the white blazer is my favourite one with it.

Blazer (striped) - Tally Weijl 
blazer white - New Yorker
striped pants - H&M

On the following I'm showing you more pants I love these are my black synthetic pants, my turquoise pants or the ones in the flower print.

Turquoise pants - C&A,

Pants - H&M

And here is my ideal look with the white torn t-shirt another favourite piece.

As this entry has become quite long now I will present you the clothes I feel most comfortable in, in my entry.

Stay tuned until then.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Completely Dressed In Zara

On my last shopping tour with one of my best friends I have later noticed that I was completely dressed in clothes from Zara - combined with a touch of Chanel - however the main clothes - roll-neck, skirt and the knit jacket I love to wear to almost everything, either on cold days or even on breezy summer evenings, were bought in the Zara stores in Monaco and Cannes.

Check them out below:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

The Voting Results...


about a month ago I've changed my blog-design and  consider it as perfect now (special thanks go to Sylvia from :) ).
Therefore I've asked you - my fans, followers, readers and visitors - how you like the new blog-design.

  • 60 % of you think it's perfect and the best one so far
  • 10 % actually like it
  • and 30 % of you don't really like it.

It makes me happy that on the whole the voting results were rather positive and I really hope you have now more fun to visit my page and read the blog-entries.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Happy Woman's Day

"We are wasting our time lookin' for outstanding things in our life instead of making the simple things the most special ones." [Johanna, Fall4me]

Hello my dears,

Of course I will never forget the Woman's day 2011 when I have met the creator of one of my most favourite games - Tekken - Katsuhiro Harada and the creator of the game Street Fighter, Yoshinori Ono. They came to present the new game Street Fighter x Tekken they worked on together and had an autograph hour here. 
What I liked most was that they seemed very happy when they saw me - as the only (fashionable) girl there - and Harada also painted a heart above the autograph :)

With Ono (l.) and Harada (m.)

Still this year was as wonderful in its way. I have spent it with one of my best friends again. This time we have tried Indian food at Chutney's in the shopping center Europa Passage. Our insider this time was the hard decision. But Indian meals are just like Mexican ones, you can eat them with your beau without embarassing yourself.

Chicken Mango & Chicken Madras

Afterwards we went to do some shopping and I've found wonderful earrings that perfectly fit to my snake-ankle boots.

Earrings - I am

The day also started very well with flowers from my dear brother. For my mother I've prepared little heart-cakes with marmelade and from my grandmother I've got a very trendy and up-to-date stripes-blazer. I've already had the pants long ago as I was inspired by my idol Piret Järvis as I've told you when I informed you about the stripe-hype.

Blazer - Tally Weijl 
Pants - H&M 
Pumps - Style in Shoes & Accessories

I really hope you have a very nice woman's day too :)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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