Welcome Spring & Happy Easter

Hello sweet ones,

it has been one week since spring has started officially according to the calendar but outside it is still winter - the people who live in central Europe will understand what I mean. However, that's not a reason not to welcome and live the spring up.

After all I bet you all notice that it is bright again early in the morning when you wake up for school, university or work and that the sun is shining more. Besides from that it's Easter the event of the spring.

The only thing that is missing is the perfect spring and Easter style.
Rule number one is: colors, smooth and tender pastel colors or neon colours, no matter what type you are, everything is possible. You can either play with shades or create a colorful gamut of colours again.
The second rule is: pattern and prints, either preferred black and white stripes or flowerprints.

What I also like is pimp black and white with colorful accessories. But more about that on my next post.

Yesterday I have been to another - for me - important spring event, the spring ball of my dancing school which took place in the Congress Center of Hamburg again. Girls were mostly wearing black, pink or red touched by orange. 
I, for my outfit havve chosen a pink dress and played with shades my nails were in the colours of spring and my make-up natural with my orange must-have lipstick.

Nail polish - P2 (N°531, 840, 850, 660, 940, 820, 740, 540, 192, 232)

Dress - C&A (different colors available), Clutchbag - Bruno Banani, Plateaus - Style in

As you see my hair is styled to the side. A hairstyle has never looked so sweet and feminine. Save it for the season.

I wish you all a happy, colorful and peaceful Easter with your dear ones.
This was my brother's early Easter gift for me.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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