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Hello my dears,

this weekend has been quite a shopping weekend for me. Firstly the smaller H&M shop in the city center of Hamburg has celebrated its re-opening with great offers and gift cards. Besides from that yesterday we've had one of our popular Sundays when the shops are open in the whole city.

Just as usual one of my most favourite shoe stores Street Super Shoes gave 20 % of discount to all the shoes in order to this day. I used the chance to buy the dark blue lacquer pumps I've seen some time before and which fit to my outfit based on the cavalary bolero. Some months ago I've told you that I only need to get blue shoes to fulfill that outfit and now I finally have them - even though they aren't the Tamaris ones. Besides from that the shoes are very comfortable.
Remember it is always alright if the shoe is darker than the whole outfit. Better a darker than a brighter one.

Pumps (lacquer, blue) - Street Super Shoe

H&M sold two basic clothes for the prize of one on Friday and Saturday. That caused a real boom for them. So I've bought two tops,

Tops (stripped, skin colour) - H&M

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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