We Need Peace Because Every Human Is Naturally Evil

Hello my lovlies,

I missed you so much ️♥ and I deeply apologize for my silence; university and lack of sleep kept me from blogging.

Before I come to my look and the story behind it I would like to tell you something which will certainly interest most if not many of you. I was asked what I mean when I'm talking about a fashion, photography and lifestyle blog.
Lifestyle is actually known to be an expression to create your life or rather your surrounding with material or so called "kitsch" but I extend this expression with the little things I see that others might not see in their everyday life: with philosophies which suit to my day, learning from mistakes and things that inspire me, simple things that we take for granted like the sky or flowers or maybe even just the air we breathe. I share my thoughts with people, known and unknown every day and capture every moment. I'm not saying I want to lecture them but I want them all to be a part of my life. Style is about who you are and that's what lifestyle means. It's not directly connected with fashion in matter with clothes or trends but creating myself.

What catches your eye first when you see my look? The jewelry? Mine too. In my seminary named shortly "Peace-Building" I have presented the difference between peace and violence and have finished the first seminary successfully for this semester as the good of the day. I have chosen a stylish but diplomatic blazer look combined the trend color burgund, with red as the second part of the dream-team a gentle beige.

Earrings - Claire's; necklace - I am; blazer - C&A; top - New Look; Marlenes - C&A; shoes Belmundo, lipstick - Clarins

According to theories people are naturally bad and the term peace is meant to be the absence of violence. Does peace according to this still have a meaning when there is no violence? Do you think we can actually also live without violence?

Xoxo ️♥ Johanna

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