New Miu Nails - Happy Anniversary

Hola sweet people,

oh my, time is running, really running. Already two weeks passed since I went to the manicure for new nails and before I will have to change them again in two weeks I would like to introduce to them.

This time I've chosen a beautiful calming turquoise and chose glitter for one nail in the same shade which should be a little accessory on my finger.

Just kidding! x'D Once fallen for thermo-nails always fallen for them and if I already get them offered why not choosing them. And why should such a "cool green" as my colleague called it be calming? Because it turns to white. It reminds me of the tender hot season and pastel trend at the beginning of the year. My glittery accessory doesn't change but the better is the effect because people expect it.

Nails by the great Miu Nails which are located in Hamburg Hohenfelde! Visit them this month on their one year anniversary which they celebrate this month!

Xoxo ️♥ Johanna

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