We Are One #2


Two days ago I gave you my personal impressions of the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Today I want to give you my impressions of the second semi finals and my prediction who will win.
Don't miss the grand final tonight at 21:00 pm [GTM+01]

Again me and my other best friend went to shopping at the Hamburger Meile before enjoying a ladies' night with melon sparkling wine and crisps, crackers, chips, salted sticks, etc.

This time I bought a royal blue basic mini skirt about which I willtell you more soon.

 Skirt - H&M

Latvia - back to the 90s with the funny dressed boys? It was a very amusing performance.
San Marino - Valentina changed her style completely. It was an okay song which reminded me again of the 90s but I have to admit I liked the song "The Social Network" better.
F.Y.R. Macedonia - was very - maybe too - traditional. It was a nice song on the whole but I liked the man's part better.
Azerbaijan - amazing ballade as usual and an outstanding, simply perfect performance.
Finland - Maybe a little bit too much show which made the whole performance silly at some stages. The kissing-scandal shouldn't remind of Madonna and Britney Spears kissing but be a political message that she wants to get through homosexual marriage in Finland.
Malta - A "let's make piece" song but nothing special.
Bulgaria - was funny and cool. I loved drum-performance but the girl's voice was a little bit strenuous.
Iceland - great song and it was amazing that he sang in the native language. I think a rock song wouldve fit too :)
Greece - typical, traditional, funny and amazing Greece was supergreat as usual. I loved the dance at the end of the performance.
Israel - the dress was a little bit unflattering but she had a great voice, song and performance
Armenia - In the national choice there were better songs but they convinced me with "Lonely Planet", too. No surprise Armenia is so popular this year. A great rocksong. Well done!
Hungary - The singer didn' have a good voice and so the song was boring. The only thing I liked were the pictures in the background.
Norway - Simply amazing but no surprise with that producers
Albania - was pretty cool
Georgia - had a beautiful ballade
Switzerland - I liked the original name "Heilsarmee" :D and one of the best ones
Romania - It had style but it sounded too feminine.

I still consider realistically Denmark or The Netherlands as the winner but Armenia is also very strong. Maybe they will surprise us.
My personal top three are still Armenia, Estonia and Spain.

Whom do you think will win?

I also want to ask you for your support to Dorians tonight.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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