Believing In Blue


black is not black anymore. The black elegance is gone for now as the color is loved to be comined with other ones. Therefore another color took its place, blue. To be more precize royal, cobalt and navy blue.

Inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Catherine who presents the color as the most classy, elegant and royal one, and the beautiful clear blue summer nights we believe in the elegance of the clear pure blue.

My beloved chihuahua Jimmy was posing with me today.

Jacket - Ulf Schneider; cavalry bolero - Elara; t-shirt - L&B; mini skirt, belt - H&M; tights - Karstadt; ankle boots - Görtz17; earrings - SIX; bracelet - Iam

I love my job, got a personal invitation to the parliamental
summer party 

...and one because I'm famous for good looking snap-shots

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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