It's Ladies Night


the 6th Ladies Night by Karstadt - the biggest departement store in Germany - took place thrice in Hamburg on Thursday, April 4 in the city center from 8 pm to 11.00 pm [GTM+01] and the southern district Hamburg-Harburg from 7.00 pm to 10 pm and on Friday, April 5 in the north-eastern district Wandsbek from 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm.
I've attended to the Ladies Night in the city center and in Wandsbek with my friend who asked me to go there with her. Her mother was also present on both days. For the second night I've convinced my mother and grandmother to come too and one of my best friends from university.

                                I was even sent a personal invitation to the Ladies Night 

The Ladies Night is a shopping night only for women - or rather ladies - as the name itself already says with a lot of entertainment, among others DJ- or live music from the 70es band the Javlites which were promoted performing in Wandsbek, 10 % of discount for almost the whole range of goods, competitions, photo shootings, sparkling wine reception and many other highlights and entertainment, like a beauty rallye or  professional make-up for free.

The evening program of Friday           

The Javlites performing at the Ladies Night on Friday

The fitness center Fitness Friends was also promoted showing some Zumba dance which is a new Latin American dance. On my YouTube channel you will get to see two videos of their performance.

Every lady was a winner that evening because we were all given very nice gifts and surprises.

As me and my friend didn't manage to take many photos on the first night the main thing we did on the second night was taking photos. We've discovered a very interesting thing, that photos can be printed on chocolate with food coloring.


 The only photo I managed to take on night #1 with one of the Infinity Cars 
from Japan which were promotoed, too

The choco-photo

My personal highlight: The airbrush tattoo - I would never make myself a real one.
The Japanese symbol of 'Love' and a little star.

I can't wait for the next Ladies Night but my conclusion for the bigger store in the city center would be to either let it last at least an hour longer or start the phase out right at 11.00 pm and not earlier. I've concluded it was too little time and too many great things offered on Thursday. 

And here a fitting song for you :)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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