Trend: Knee-Length Socks over Leggings


latest since the American singer Ashlee Simpson (2004), knee-length socks have been considered as trendy.

She wore them sexy in a "black-beauty" look to a black cocktail dress and black pumps.
In this case they were a feminine and fanciful alternative to stout boots.

What I like about knee-length socks isn't that they keep you warm in cold seasons - why hidind them under pants?
I like that they are so versatile, that's why I like and recommand to wear them over your tights or leggings with shorts or short skirts.

The important rules here are
  1. that your shoes have to be adapted to the socks     and
  2. that your tights or leggings should be of one colour, the best recommandation would be black (white or skin-colour could be also possible)
Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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