Shopping-List #1

Do you know this feeling when you go to a shop and go out without having bought anything? - It's not a good feeling really. At the moment quite many things have dammed up to be shopped. Check out the shopping-list below:

- bigger blue and purple earrings (doen't matter what kind of)
- bigger black and purple feather earrings
- black nail-polish (label P2)
- leather-gloves with rivets
- a blue, black and a purple bag
- a black cardigan
- black sandals with bows and beige wedge heels (Style in shoes & accessoires)
- a black or beige trench-coat
- a tremdy black hat
- those in red and beige

Would be cool to have:

- a Fernando-Torres (Spain red/gold) tricot (by Adidas)
- hair-accessoires (little hats, flowers or something with a net)

Maybe I will get some of those things for my birthday on September 1st ;)

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