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in my two beloved shopping streets in Cannes there was hardly a shop where you didn't find this sign on clothes or accessories and so I discovered another French trend: skullheads. Especially those who prefer a rocky style will be happy about the skullhead-fashion in fall and winter.

The main colours of this trend are of course grey, black and white combined with metallic accents of gold and silver but don't be shy to try out a colourful version.

Below you can see a choice of my wardrobe:

Scarf - Fun Mod; iPhone-Suite - Fun Mod; Ring - Claire's; Belts - Kookai; T-Shirt - Zara

The former Vanilla Ninja bass-guitarist and singer Maarja Kivi now known as the American rockstar Marya Roxx is wearing the same t-shirt I have and has found this trend long ago for herself.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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