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Hello my dear readers,

before I begin to talk about my new nail art I would like to share my snapshots oft he first snow in Hamburg with you. Beautiful, is it not? With the beginning of November we are pretty early with snow and the Christmas feelings connected with it this year

Instagram: @JohannaVonKarajan

While the snow is covering streets, cars and buildings white my nails stay loyal to darker but warmer colours that make you feel secure embrace. It may come from the association we have with this colour. One of my closest friends for example explained to me that it is the colour of chocolate that is why she loves brown. This statement is like grandmother’s pearls: something that will be passed from someone to another one. Ever since I have kept this statement in my mind and spread it as much as I can. Generally it is not a surprise that colours of the elements and objects that belong to a person’s passion suit the person the most. It is not a matter of knowledge in this case but a matter of feeling. I myself have given brown – as it is my natural hair colour anyway – and kind of coffee-colour a place on my nails this time. It is not to necessarily match the season but my passion for coffee specialties. Apart from that it may be a colour catching attention on its own but it does not lift up as much matching to my hair and eyes and being accurate for any occasion on me.

Thanks to Tham from Thanh Nails for this extraordinarily great service and work. Visit the studio near the central station in Hamburg at the Lange Reihe 1-5.

Love ♥ Johanna

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