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Good evening my sweet people,

today we are celebrating the Day Of The German Unity. The best thing about this day is probably that the majority of the German citizens does not have to go to work or school and how could you welcome this day better than with an exclusive shopping night.

The C&A store in the city center of Hamburg has invited its clients to their ladies night with free drinks, extra discount and a special gift.

After more than three months of no shopping I finally stroke again with my friend and refreshed my closet with trends of the season and necessary missing pieces.
Check it out below:

I think this is the perfect moment to say it: Dear girls - no matter what kind of body you have or how self-confident you may be - you are not beautiful when you wear skin-tight with short tops. For me that is simply a touch too much if not to say it looks just cheap. A black longtop is the perfect solution and essential in every closet.

The readers of this blog will certainly remember that the blue's name of this season is petrol. If burgundy was the color of last autumn 2013 petrol is the color for autumn 2014. I as a lover of blue of course fill my closet with this color, too.

Polka dots are always appropriate - down as top. And to this skirt I simply could not say no.

For everyone who is still in love with burgundy: It stays as a red alternative to petrol for this autmn. PU leggings in this color are a must-have. 

And this was our special gift: a self designed personal coat-hanger.

And before the ladies night...

If you want to fulfill your dreams you have to start with small ones to achieve the bigger ones later on. It was always my dream to have exactly a vest like this and you see here... :)

As always if you want to know about the prizes message me privately.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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