Birgit Õigemeel's 'Uus Algus'

Tere minu kallid,

that's Estonian for "hello my dears" and I chose to greet you in that language today because it is going to be Estonian in this article.

If you follow me on Instagram (Fall4Me_JK) you will know that I have had a fantastic start into the new week among others because I could spend some wonderful hours with my best friend from Estonia -before he continued his journey with another friend whom I got to know. 

He left me all speechless when took out the gift for me: Birgit Õigemeel's new album 'Uus Algus' (Engl.: New Beginning).

The Europeans among you will remember Birgit from last year's Eurovision Song Contest with her beautiful ballade 'Et Uus Saaks Alguse' (Engl.: That The New Would Be A Beginning) which is of course also included in her album.

Besides from beautiful ballades with spice the album 'Uus Algus' contains - besides from a very touching thank speech - pop songs that are saying (as I say it) "stand up, go out and discover the world!"

As it can be seen already on the album cover Birgit was as angel-like in her whole album as she was on the Eurovision stage. 

Now there comes the part where you would except from me to tell you what my favorite song is. The choice was very hard for me because all 11 songs were special and beautiful in their own way. But I have pulled myself together and chose "Olen Loodud Rändama"(Engl.: I Am Made For Journey) because I can identify with it very well, "Kolm Kuud" (Engl.: Three Months) because of the song's strength and "Et Uus Saaks Alguse" because the title is a very true message and it is touching my heart every time anew even after one year when I listen to it with enthusiasm.

With her new album Birgit didn't only let me all impressed but inspired me to start working on another 10 songs for a possible second album I am taking aim for. Because that I give her album a thumb up with five stars.

Now it is up to you: go and discover her album! Or as Birgit said to me: "I hope you will enjoy it", I did Birgit and I still do! :)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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