Leather Before Christmas

Happy Monday to you my sweet ones,

this will be my last post before Christmas. 
There is still very much to do until tomorrow in the evening when me and my family can finally settle down enjoy the most beautiful event of the year. 
There are still calls that have to be done, works that have to be finished and the Christmas tree has to be brought and decorated - traditionally it's me who does it with biggest pleasure and love. Oh! And don't tell him, but I still haven't bought the gift for my brother! But at least I have a plan of money, shop and what it will be. 
Last but not least there are some beauty sessions waiting for me about which you will read soon. 

Anyway, the last look I am presenting you before Christmas contains not only my most favorite color purple but also my beloved fashion color black and one of the new earrings I have got myself last week (I have also bought them in orange and glass color). It is classy as trendy - what could I wish for more? 

Leather - a material we always connect sex and attraction with. Of course, there might be something behind it, but a fact is that leather was in the 80s and 90s a preferred and almost basic cloth to wear, no matter in what color or style without any naughty thoughts. It is a product of nature and of high value and quality. A high fashion trend that is always up to date.

Earrings - H&M; shirt - SHE; cardigan - L&B;  belt - Kookai; skirt - C&A; boots - Paparazzi; watch - Chanel; bracelet - Claire's; lipstick - Debby (N°39)

Have yourself a warm, blessed and joyful merry Christmas with your beloved ones. Enjoy your gifts and receiving them and fill your mind with positive thoughts and emotions. 

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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