Show me your Colour

Heeei :)

summer is the time of happiness, relaxation and fun. It is the time to skip black as main fashion-colour and to try a gamut of colours, not only what concerns your dressing but also for the make-up and nail polish. One uniform colour belongs to the past. Be crazy and funky and try more colours at once. Wheather you can have all your fingers different colours or (what I prefer as well) just have another colour on your thumb and your ring finger.
If you have been shy to try an extravagant mix. You can try it on your nails first and see if it's good or bad. At least nothing can go wrong and your nails might fit to every outfit you wear a week. You can do the same for your toenails.

Let me show you one option:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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