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Hey everybody,

the May here in Hamburg the capital of north Germany is known to be very hot and almost summerlike still there is always a fresh wind blowing by. Therefore I have dedicated the title "Fall4Me: Accessory of the Month - May" to the one of the most popular and timeless accessoires, the Chucks.

They have become famous through the basketball player Chuck Taylor after whom these shoes were named as he was the one who cooperated with the company CONVERSE and helped them to improve their shoes.

However latest they might have been popular because of Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter who wore these shoes in his movies of the same name.
Even my father has already worn them in his childhood.
But the trend was introduced in Germany nearly about 10 years ago and lasts until today. Girls and boys, young and older wear them in different colors and pattern and some seem to wear them nonstop all over the year.
I've asked my followers once again on my Facebook-page [in case you forgot to give me your like I would like to remember you now] why they love to wear them: The majority said because they are so comfortable.

My personal preferred ones are my royal blue Chucks which I bought last summer when I was on holiday in Cannes this summer you will also know more about the choice of the color. Since then they have become one of my constant companies on warm and sunny spring or fall days. I don't wear them when it's rainy, wet or cold because your feet can quickly freeze in them and they aren't waterproof.
Besides from that I get to the minority who prefers wearing them accurate and clean, therefore I clean them regularly. My suggestion is still to clean the white part with scouring milk and the cloth with hot water and soap.

 ...and last but not least here are some Chucks looks á la Fall4Me

Blouse (available in black too) - Tally Weijl, bracelet (available in brown too) - Douglas, shorts - Armand Thiery

Ring - I am; scarf - Chanel; jersey - L&B; belt - Kookai, skinny jeans - Texto
chucks - Events; jacket - L&B, bag - Valentino 

Scarf - Fun/France, T-Shirt - designed by me, treggings (available in different colors) - Vero Moda

T-Shirt - Heavy Mental, treggings - Vero Moda, bracelet - Douglas

Top - L&B, shorts - Zeta Moda A, bracelet - Claire's

Blazer - L&B, T-Shirt - L&B, bag - Heavy Mental, treggings - Vero Moda, bracelet - Douglas

If you have questions concerning the prizes, feel free to write me a private message.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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