Instagram Photo Diary #1


today my creative photographer gene seemed to have awaken in me. In order to that I've decided to write my first Instagram photo diary about beautiful moments captured of today. It is the most personal post so far.

We have holidays at university but still there is lots to do and I'm back to work in politics again at the party I belong. Limited but I am always looking forward to return to the office and in the town hall. I have a new house passport for the town hall, my keys, my account on our network and I've got my first post as worker from the town hall. That really made my day.

Coffee company thanks to the best brother delivery-service

It is amazing to work in the city center because you can reach everything so quickly and perfectly. So after that I went to meet my mum and on my way I was caught by my daddy.
I'm astonished about of very deep subways which remind of Russia.

I've found a square that is named after a friend of mine (even though the spelling is different).

When we arrived home I've found beautiful blooming flowers in our neighbourhood.

I am very excited about tomorrow because me and one of my dearest friends are going to allow us some quality time at our beautiful and popular Alster lake. ♥

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Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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