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Japanese moments on a Thursday evening in Hamburg...

Me and my dear friend could finally do what we planned long ago: eat the Japanese specialty sushi in the best and most popular sushi-restaurant in Hamburg, in the White Lounge which is located in the central neighbourhood Winterhude.

Because of its popularity it is always recommendable to call and to reserve a table, either in the so called "all you can eat"-area or in the "à la carte" area.
My personal suggestion would be to reserve a table in the "all you can eat"-area if you are indecisive what to eat or if you are going there for the first time because then you have the chance to order from both.

My friend and I decided to order the "all you can eat". You can understand it literally. For 17,90 € you can eat as much sushi as you can or want. As different sushi-plates are nonstop rolling next to your table.
Enough chopsticks, serviettes, soy sauce, ginger, wasabi and mayonnaise is already included on your table.

And after some time there is even more different sushi offered.

My upshot for the White Lounge is that it is a very luxurious and modern designed restaurant that is mixed with the classic Japanese style. I especially love the purple included as I am dying for this color. No matter if you come with the family, friends or with your beau. The White Lounge fits to every occasion.Besides from that it leaves nothing to be desired.

In order to a Japanese motto I chose an outfit suitable to the Japanese style and the spring. A long black top with a flower print with the electric blue miniskirt and opaque black tights, ankle boots and a little black bolero so I wouldn't freeze as the temperatures aren't that high to walk around sleeveless and as a highlight my orange lipstick.
You might remember this outfit from Easter. In order to my Easter gift I'm holding in my hands I would like to remind you of the first blog birthday which is coming in 3 weeks already and about which I am very excited.

The I'm sure I haven't promised you too much and motivated you to go and check it out yourself. You can find all information summed up on their Facebook-page or on their site. The high quality is definitely worth the prize. But just like everything good also this visit had something really tiny negative: As we ordered the "all you can eat" and the menus haven't been updated we weren't warned that it costed one euro more. We were just morally and as a matter of principal disappointed that the service couldn't do something in return for that.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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