Will You Marry Me?


white has not only been the motto in Guido Maria Kretschmer's show "Shopping Queen" in Düsseldorf two weeks ago, when it was about finding the perfect wedding dress, but also this year's Eurovision Song Contest's dress code as it seemed, as many artists agreed to dressed uniform completely in white, while other artists were dressed in very many different colors.

Even the winner Emmelie from Denmark wore white

Krista from Finland felt like a bride with her song "Marry Me"

White seems to dominate in the Estonian Birgit's wardrobe

Margaret from Norway showed that even with platinum blonde 
hair you wouldn't look pale

Robin from Sweden proved that also on men white looks cool

The best effects get possible with white dresses just as with 
Aliona from Moldova

The color of wisdom and purity didn't only dominate in winter but also remains for summer and the pre-summertime and with the perfect gold or silver accents angels will be able to be admired everywhere.

Three years ago in Cannes with the best hair-dresser on the whole 
world who gave me a great hair-cut again it is a duty to wear white 
in that studio

Last year in Monaco: dress (available in different colors) - L&B

...and one with my blonde mother who wears black: a perfect contrast 

The perfect fitting make-up for this trend is to keep natural and focus on dramatically magical black cat eyes. I assure you that no one will look away from them.

Feel like an angel or a bride.

Xoxo ♥ J.

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