Are You Going With Me?

Ciao belli,

some of you might wonder where I'm asking you to go with me - well going green. As we find ourselves in the year of the snake in 2013 it's no surprise that even designers like Guido Maria Kretschmer say that green is the color of the year.

Treggings (available in many different colors) - Vero Moda, ankle Boots - Street

Earrings - SIX, ring - Bijou Brigitte, nail polish - Laura Beauté / N° Q 1207; P2 / N° 170 Crazy  

Kayal - P2, nail polish - P2 / N° 840 Tell me a secret; N° 232 shockful; N° 620 artful; N° 249 dangerous

Mini-shirt (available in different colors) - C&A, leggings - Karstadt

Blazer with short sleeves - L&B France

Jacket - Uli Schneider

Be brave enough to show color and wear it. Never forget: As long as it is the same shade you can't do anything wrong.

Especially in spring I see many girls are crazy for mint green. 

Nail polish - P2 / N° 130 fresh sister

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Every day is St. Patrick's day in 2013.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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