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Hello sweet people,

I have already told you about my personal impressions of the first and the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013.
Today I want to give you my last impressions for this year about the grand final.

After having passed the semi finals with my two best friends I have dedicated the grand final to my family - I should notice here that I had migraine yesterday and enjoyed myself with them as I didn't really feel like doing any action.
But I also went shopping with my parents and found some great items for my wardrobe and bought new dreamlike headphone as mine were already old and almost out of function.
Dress - C&A

 Headphones (available in different colours) - Panasonic/Saturn

Showing my fan-spirit for Armenia, Estonia and Spain as I'm dressed in their flag-

Necklace, earrings - Bijou Brigitte, bracelet - Iam, watch - Chanel, belt - H&M, t-shirt - Heavy Mental (Estonian export), leggings - C&A

If you want to check out the original ranking yesterday click here. My personal ranking would be a very different one, check it out below:

1. Belarus - She had a strong power pop performance with a touch of tradition in it a really brought you into a party mood // maybe her dress was too short.
2. Estonia - She sang in her native language and she is a beautiful and charming young woman. She had a beautiful ballade which got more beautiful with her amazing voice. I also liked the calm grey-effect at the beginning and that change when she sang the strong chorus.//As I said I liked her dress of the national final better.
3. Georgia - Very touching and an even more touching final at the end of the song. I loved the ballade and the man-woman duet very much. // The pose at the end was a little bit unnecessary
4. Greece - Just like Belarus a party and good-mood song. I loved how the guys danced at the end of the song with their instruments and it was also very funny. I also liked that it was in the native language//Greece always comes up with their traditional songs maybe that's a weak point.
5. Armenia - A great and modern song and a totally different face of Armenia which hasn't been revealed so far apart from System of a Down whereas not everyone realizes that they are from Armenia. // Sadly no big performance.
6. Moldova - The dramatic and touching song and this dress with the effect of the volcano was simply brilliant. // Maybe it wasn't a good idea to sing in another language apart from English or the native language. She was also a little bit weaker in the final.
7. Ukraine - A beautiful song with a beautiful stage. Zlata was shining on the stage. // But the song wasn't really outstanding nor was the performance.
8. Azerbaijan - Of course the whole performance and the song were very cool and brilliant // but they always come up with ballades and that can get boring after a while. They should try something new.
9. Spain - It was in the native language, the song had very beautiful lyrics and it was a different and more serious Spain. // The woman's voice was maybe a little bit weak.
10. Russia - A Russian Adele indeed with beautiful lyrics // but not really special on the whole.
11. Romania - the entry with the most style // was maybe quite too feminine and I couldn't stop laughing during the song.
12. Iceland - one of the most beautiful songs and finally a song in their language! // Also not outstanding and maybe the stage was childlike
13. Denmark - in the golden middle in my ranking, she did have a cool song which brought you in the mood and all and kept true to her style // but maybe it wasn't everyone's taste
14. Norway - She certainly chose the right producers for her entry as Pink and Justin Timberlake are very popular in the whole world. Everything was kept discreet but it still had something dramatic and amazing. // I think the song was a little bit too mainstream.
15. France - a song in the native language is something I like a lot and also this timeless French style which was brought up. // It wasn't outstanding although
16. United Kingdom - sent one of their specialties with Bonnie Tyler // but also she wasn't outstanding.
17. Finland - I liked it better in the final as I like her message that she is fighting for the rights of homosexual people even though she herself is straight. // Still I think it was too much show.
18. The Netherlands - Timelessly amazing. Anouk has a great voice // but she was rather boring and her song sleepy.
19. Italy - After Nina Zilli last year and Rafael Gualazzi rather disappointing but still nice.
20. Germany - Techno is simply Cascada's style and I like the song. // But if you know Cascada you either like or dislike her.
21. Sweden - An okay song // I think the performance was a little bit annoying.
22. Belgium - Was better and less scary in the finals // but again a mainstream song.
23. Lithuania - Again a weak song but not the worst
24. Malta - a nice pieceful song // but the singer had a weak voice and performance
25. Ireland - One of those songs I didn't like
26. Hungary - very weak, I'm still surprised how he passed the semi-final. The only amusing thing was the screen.

...and last but not least a little personal message to all the participants as I couldn't comprehend the voting results:
You've all touched your fans' hearts and the whole European society with your performance and you have nothing to be sad about! You were chosen and you were your country's heroes and heroines!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Congratulations to Emmelie and see you all next you in Copenhagen!

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