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today and already yesterday I was asked by one of my readers and my bestie who are both graduating school in pre-summer and also enter the real life what they could wear for their ball in order to the school graduation and where they can find good dresses. As they consider me as a fashionable person who has already experienced the school graduation.
At this point I have to say firstly thank you for the confidence and secondly that I am indeed experienced what concerns balls as I attend to the balls of my dancing school regularly and also were on the school-graduation ball of my brother but not on my own because of different reasons.

Well personally I would recommend a shorter dress which has calf- or knee-length as I find that those dresses are the most practical: aren't too short for a noble ball and not too long if you are going to dance which are two important characteristics for a ball. Besides from that you could wear those dresses on other important occasions too. Shorter dresses also always make you look younger and fresher.
What I also wouldn't recommend are strapless dresses. They will only bother you all the time.

You have two choices for dresses: You either buy a discreet one and complete the look with good eye-catching shoes and many accessories or you buy a very glittery and eye-catching dress but then I would keep the accessories discreet and adapt them to the dress.
The colours I would suggest for this season are a beautiful purple or royal or cobalt blue and golden jewelry. The best additional colour for blue would be pink and to purple coral or orange still work very well.

Here are some looks from me and in addition the shops I would suggest.

Dress - Karstadt; pumps - Deichmann (PCD collection); belt - FUN

Dress (available in different colors) - C&A; shoes - Style in Shoes and Accessories

Dress - Peek & Cloppenburg; boots - Buffalo; gloves - Claire's

Dress (available in different colors) - C&A; plateau pumps - Style in Shoes & Accessories

 Dress - T.K. Max; ankle boots - Görtz17; gloves and little hat - Claire's; jewelry - Tiffany & Co.

I hope I could be helpful. If you have questions about the prizes feel free to write me a private message.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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