We Are One #1

...that's this year's Eurovision motto.

Good evening Europe and world!

I think I belong to the biggest Eurovision Song Contest fans on the whole world as I wait for it every year and watch and follow it with the biggest enthusiasm. My personal first memories connected with it were when my native country Armenia firstly participated. Since then my passion for this show has grown so much that I also want to participate once for Armenia in the near future.
I even have my song already written in two versions and have a clear image of my stage and performance.

I usually watch it with my family and/or my friends at home. This year is very special because on every day of the finals I am going or have gone shopping with my besties and watch it with them afterwards, sounds perfect doesn't it?

On Tuesday when the first semi final took place I have been shopping in the city center and bought a plain black top from NEW LOOK and added another mini skirt to my collection. Coral another trend colour of the year.

Skirt - New Yorker

And here is my feedback on the first semi final:

Austria - had a beautiful song and I loved the purple stage because I'm addicted to purple. However I think it was nothing special
Estonia - against the background that Birgit is one of my most favourite singers and a lovely friend to me and that I am a big fan of Estonia itself I naturally think it was perfect. Already in the national final I knew Birgit would make it as the ballade is very beautiful and sensual. I also find that she sang it very well. What concerns her dress I have to say that I liked her dress from the national final more. It suited her better.
I was also happily surprised when the commentators said that she is pregnant. I want to wish you once again all the best and heartily congratulate you.
To support her I also chose a rather white and black look.

Photo: Jelena Rudi

Slovenia - had a quite cool song with very funny background dancers my bestie and I were laughing all the time. However I think it was a "Euphoria"-copy
Croatia - was also very very funny on the whole
Denmark -Emmelie has a great voice and an amazing song with great lyrics that really brings you in a great mood.
Russia - Also Daria's voice was amazing and my friend, my brother and I were amazed that she didn't have an accent at all.
Ukraine - I loved the stage and the performance on the whole with the forest. It was a stage and a song with style.
The Netherlands - Anouk reminds me of those timeless singers from the 90s and I'm happy that The Netherlands have made it to the grand final after 8 years again. The song was doubtlessly cool but you could hear a funny accent at some stages.
Montenegro - I'm still depressed that Montenegro didn't make it to the grad final. Their song was so catchy and perfect and the austronaut performance, too. Nina's voice was amazing. They can still be proud of themselves for bringing such a great comeback after 4 years of break.
Lithuania - had a nice purple stage but the rest was rather weak.
Belarus - I'm in love with them a perfect traditional party/ESC-song. What I fear is that her dress was too short at all which might be a big negative point in the final decision.
Moldova - had the best stage so far with the dress that looked like a volcano and she on the whole looked amazing and had a superamazing voice. I'm also happy that it was in another language.
Ireland - was rather weak for me.
Cyprus - chose a beautiful song in its native language
Belgium - The singer scared me
Serbia - The three girls were very sweet chicks with an ok song. I was shocked about their dresses and the performance was also a little bit doubtive.

So far I would say that Estonia, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Denmark or Moldova would win or get good places as they are very popular in general.

I'm looking forward to tonight and want to ask you to vote for my native country Armenia please. I'm sure you will like the song :) good luck Gor & Dorians!

And I want to remind you of the great song of Montenegro:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna.

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