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Black is not black anymore, that's what I have told you in the pre-spring time and that's what I am going to expand now.
Back then black got completed by the pastel gamut of colours. This summer season is getting very rocky and glamorous as black gets combined with gold and bronze - rivets, metal chains and glitter. A perfect addition is also dark grey as I've told you at the beginning of the year that those two colours also always go well together.

Show your glamour, show your self-confidence and show how sexy you are with the new trend. Not only leather material but every other one, too.

My personal timeless favourite is the mini-skirt by Zara, the ankle boots by NEW LOOK and the bracelet by SIX.

Earrings, watch - Chanel; bracelet - SIX

Skirt - Zara; ankle boots - NEW LOOK

Ankle boots - Görtz17

Necklace - Chanel; top - H&M

NOTW N°25: black (N°500 - eternal) - P2, gold - Essence

Lipstick - Markwins International

You can always write me privately if you have questions concerning the prizes - on Facebook or on

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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