Fall4Me Special: Boys It's Your Turn!


inspired by the summerlike Hamburg weather (<- please forgive me my sarcasm) and my wonderful male followers who amount to 27 per cent of my whole followers on my Facebook page, I've decided to dedicate today's post to them because us girls love boots and boys: fathers who treat us like princesses, our brothers or cousins who are our best (male) friends and with whom we build up a great team, our boyfriends to cuddle with etc. ... .


Personally I'm crazy for boys who decide for the layer look and combine sweaters or hoodies with blazers or good leather jackets. It can look casual and yet very classy at once, depending on how you combine it. And in case your girl starts to freeze (which is mostly the case) they looove to cuddle into the boys hoodie while he still keeps warm with a cool eye-catching t-shirt or shirt and his blazer or jacket.

Kanye West presents an extravagant style again 

David Beckham prefers the look rather casual

Sergio presents himself a rather elegant and classy style in the evening

Also girls like me or the beloved Fall4Me idols Katrin Siska and Piret Järvis (her star style will follow soon) are inspired by the make trend and love to wear it.
At the beginning of this year I have firstly presented you this look for girls with the LOTD N°118.

You can't do nothing wrong with this style at the rainy pre-summer time and to tell you a little secret, with the announce of this blogpost I achieved that one of my dearest male friends will have to go shopping again soon, hopefully I may accompany him :3

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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