3 Appointments - 1 Look

Hello beloved followers,

can you believe I'm writing the blogpost without even having had the shooting yet? But I have clear imaginations and always a good plan B in any case.

Today will be a busy day. I have three appointments on my list and from the first one I am just on my way home under a sunny sky. Of course a girl like me is able to change her looks many times a day but a practical thinker like me would use that time differently and more useful and let's be honest wouldn't it be more fashionable to have one suitable outfit for three different appointments? Of course.

First of all I want to ask you, have you noticed the new widget on the left hand side of my blog? Well I was invited to WhatIWear.com because they loved me! What honor! They especially loved the outfits of my recent posts. Thank you very much!
The day started perfectly for me because I've answered all the questions from the lecture correctly and I drove to university and back home with the cool new subway train! I feel like I won in the lottery I hope you've had as great experiences as I did, today too.

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And I am of course very contented with my outfit. Let's see how it was composed. It's Halloween so first of all happy Halloween everyone. I will go to a Halloween party on Saturday but I thought it would be great to dress in the colors of Halloween: orange like the pumpkin, navy like the night and black like the fear and among us now have you ever seen a better classy Halloween-look? ... [silence] - No one, I knew it!

Earrings - I am; necklace - Zara; t-shirt - Heavy Mental; skirt - Cache Cache; boots - Paparazzi; blazer - H&M

The three appointments I have had were (surprise, surprise) university - that's why the blazer, shopping w/ my bestie who shot me - therefore the skirt and tights (my standard outfit for shopping) and in the evening my family was invited therefore the spruce touch.

The sweet Mika painted something for me :) ♥

Xoxo ️♥ Johanna


  1. Hello! I just do blog walking and I found your blog, wanna follow each other? You're so pretty anyway!

    Just let me know.


  2. Love it <3 Amazing look my dear



  3. Awesome post!
    Love your blog!
    Following u<3


  4. Breat post!


  5. love this sweater ! ;D



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