I Will Not Go Shopping Anymore!

Hello my dear hearts,

I hope the title didn't shock you too much but after you have seen my this time's shopping results in the following you will accept it.

It's not like I will not go shopping anymore or for now - I wouldn't survive that anyway - I just mean my wardrobe is well recharged now with the trends and missing items of the season and now I can save my money for bigger investment - such as coats, Christmas or even my holiday plans for the first quarter of next year - I plan going to Armenia or Munich because my family and cousin are begging me and my beloved Estonia, big adventures and great people are awaiting me and I can't wait for it, besides from that I have missed it very badly in these almost three years.

To be honeyt this shopping also comforted me because I thought I lost a precious friend of mine who returned in the evening.

New comfortable black slippers for work by C&A

Wish: black (transparent, silk) blouse - check! By Adagio (Karstadt) - wearing here in the colors of Mexico (red, green, white) and details in the colors of Guatemala (blue, white) for my presentation at university.

Wish: trendy denim blouse - check! Caught even two at C&A and the one above even fulfills two in one wishes with the black transparent blouse. Shopping connects people: When I was in the changing room brooding if I should take the dark, middle, light jeans blouse with black transparent one girl who was waiting for her friend suggested me (very correctly) the dark one and said it would suit me best - apart from that I already bought a light jeans blouse.
What do you think?
Trend alert: Denim loves red lips.

Wished and looked for: black baggy pants wide on the top, slim at the bottom - check! Found at C&A, inspired by Katrin Siska.

Not wished for but it caught my eye since my idol Catherine Oxenberg wore it on in Dynasty where she played Amanda Carrington. And now a very important advice I want to give you: If you fall in love with something... BUY IT! I have already seen this shirt when I went shopping with my mother two weeks ago back then with discount but she didn't want to spend money on it. Then I also didn't know that I would've got a 25 € gift-card for Karstadt and Alsterhaus because I worked on Sunday as a thank. When I nervously rushed to the city center to get it in my big university break, it was sold out. I am telling you I was so depressed that I couldn't eat anything. Like my colleague correctly said, I saved a lot of money. At university my friends laughed at me - they simply didn't understand me but I know you do. Well yesterday on my shopping trip I thought I could go and take a look at NEW LOOK and what did I see? The same thing that caught my eye. This shirt was back recharged but not with discount sadly but I still had my giftcard so it's okay. As a worker of that company I still got discount but almost fell down the stairs and broke my knee because I was in a rush when I got it.
I did find it on the internet but then I would've spent more money on it. Well the moral is that we are simply meant to be, just like Amanda aka Catheriner and it. It was one of my happiest but also most stressful and hectic (shopping-)days ever. But don't worry, I'm alive, healthy and fine.

Christmas tree in the trendy burgund naturally.

Xoxo ️♥ Johanna


  1. Hi Johanna,
    Ich würde voll gern mehr über deinen Job im Alsterhaus wissen! Finde das total cool... Wie hast du den Job bekommen und was tust du da so?


  2. super cute shirt ! ;)



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