Hey Lolita, Hey - Enough Of Favorites Now!

Hey favorite followership, hey, 

I have been excitedly looking forward to this blog entry because today I am presenting you one of my most favorite looks and the photos of the shooting which were meant for the new design of my Facebook page as well. 

But today I will need to share my experiences of my yesterday evening with you. Dead people, traffic jam, fallen trees, accidents, trains that didn't drive and busses that came late. Hamburg was in a real serious mess yesterday because of the heavy storm whereas it all began with a harmless rain. In 20 years this is the first time I experience something like this. 
Luckily I only had to deal with my way home from university. I firstly laughed at my bestie and didn't want to believe it but reality caught me few hours later. When I needed two hours instead of just half an hour home. 

I enjoyed myself with mommy's food, a latte macchiato, hot shower and naturally a new blogpost

My impressions captured. 

Now to my look. I'm not only my other most favorite color blue (especially navy and royal blue) but also many of my favorite pieces which are among others the bolero blazer, the Lolita volant skirt, the triangle earrings, my quilling blouse, my classy blue bag, my beautiful pearl bracelet, my favorite constant company belt and the lace-up pumps. Something special about my look was also that I could combine my other most favorite color purple on the lips to it. The lipstick is also a favorite since it's from Chanel, one of my favorite brands. 

A wonderful effect, my high-waist skirt and the pumps let my short legs seem longer and more slim.

Earrings & bracelet - I am; bag - Görtz; skirt & blouse - Tally Weijl; lipstick - Chanel; lace-up pumps - Deichmann; bolero blazer - Elara; belt - C&A

And here is one of my most favorite songs from one of my most favorite idols. But enough of favorites now. 

Xoxo ️♥ Johanna


  1. Hi Jo!
    I love your outfit! And im glad you enjoy this day with your mom and a lot of lattes and food :p
    If I live in your place, I will definitely eat a LOT of chocolate hahaha!
    Love ya!

  2. U look so cute!
    You combined your outfit in a perfect way!
    Come back soon to visit me on...
    Nameless Fashion Blog
    Nameless Fashion Blog Facebook page

  3. You are so pretty babe, love these pics <3



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