Club Can't Handle Me & I Can't Handle The Club

Hello my most favorite people,

wow, already the 200th blog-entry, I can't believe how quickly the posts were written, especially because I remember my 100th blog-entry, from March of this year, as if it was yesterday. Just eight months later no. 200 comes which means I have become faster.
I made it special with a trend entry back then and now I will celebrate it by a post dedicated to one of my readers and followers. Of course every post is somehow dedicated to each one of you but today I will make a post where I answer one of my fans' questions again.

I was asked which clubs I like going to. I am actually happy to be asked this because now something gets official which everyone should know about me and which everyone who knows me knows already: I am not a party girl!

Okay that sounded even worse than it actually is. I do like parties but only three types of it: 
  1. Party in closed societies (friends) 
  2. Party with class or quality 
  3. and party on holiday.
I don't like Hamburg's famous party scene, the so called "Kiez" in St. Pauli and around in north Germany because I don't like to drive long roads just for a night out, besides from that I can't go on parties in Hamburg because I always connect my everyday life and its duties with it. I do go to parties in Tallinn (Estonia) and in Cannes (France) they do have great places like the "Butterfly Lounge" or "Les Marches Club Cannes" and the "Casinos Barrière" where as well great events take place. The only club I like in Hamburg is the "20 Up Bar".

 I miss my male bestie and Estonia

In Hamburg I rather prefer (self arranged) house parties in closed societies or when we rent a location - like we did on my 18th birthday or my brother's 20th birthday - but more than that I love to have quality dinners with friends or our wonderful chilled evenings in a smaller group at home with "Sing Star and a "Wii" among others. I also love dancing evenings at times.

What about you and parties?

If you have questions for me don't hesitate to ask :)
I will answer them with big pleasure.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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