Вопросы И Ответы - Questions & Answers

Привет and hello my loves, 

for today I have decided to present you another university look which was inspired by Catherine Oxenberg but not to write about fashion, my experiences or day but to post questions & answers which I and my mates were asked in the Russian classes when we were learning how to express things we like. 

Blouse - New Look; belt - Paparazzi; baggy pants - C&A; ankle boots - 

What is your favorite city? 
- Таллин (Tallinn, Estonia - other cities I love almost equal to it are Cannes, Geneva, Riga, Istanbul, Erevan, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Milano, Venezia, St. Petersburg, Osaka, Munich and Vienna. You should know I am a passionate traveller) 

Which is your favorite café? 
- Рэвал кафе (Reval Café in Estonia) 

Do you have a question? 
- What do you like most about my blog? 

What would you like to know in Russian? 
- Что-такое "nice to meet you" по русский? (What does "nice to meet you" mean in Russian?)

Which was the last film you have watched? 
- Rush Hour III 

Which film do you recommend? 
- Я рекомендую "Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück" (engl.: "Groupies don't stay for breakfast"). Эта фильм немецкий, типичный немецкий но хорошо фильм очен прекрасно. (I recommend the film "Groupies don't stay for breakfast". It is a German film, typical German but good and very beautiful. - Other films I would recommend are "The Devil Wears Prada", "Shrek, the third", "Rush Hour I - III", "Austin Powers 1-3" and "Spanglish" and certainly many more.) 

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. New Look makes great stuff :) Russian language sounds great!

  2. love the shirt.
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