Happy Birthday Miu Nails!

Ciao belli,

I hope you all stood healthy because the wave of sickness also caught me. I even couldn't enjoy the workday I have been looking forward to but I have made my first advisory service in Russian today as a little highlight.

As I have already told you on my last nail-post my most favorite nail studio "Miu Nails & Wellness" celebrated its one year anniversary this month. I was happy to be told that the business is running well and congratulate them once again with all my heart.

For their regular customers (among others me and my mother) they have had a little gift in order to that (a little bottle of alcohol with which you can polish your nails) and a 5-€-gift card.

On Thursday I have visited them for a new liquid gel manicure: I have chosen the trend color black even more trendy combined with my most favorite color purple as a twisted colorful accent. The stylist then added a heart and crystals. Perfect, isn't it?

Photos: Miu Nails & Wellness

I plan to go there before Christmas again and get something glittery for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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