The After-Party

Ciao belli,

before I go to my beloved work with style I wanted to leave you this blog entry about the Halloween-party I've went to last weekend after I have posted about my Halloween-Look.
It was good to dance and see my friends again even though it was also quite tough because I have went there right after work and on the next day I have had work again. 

I was dressed as one of my beloved heroines, Sailor Saturn. My friends have recognized my fancy dress from 1,5 years ago when I've worn it on the motto week in order to the school graduation. Those who follow me on Facebook should remember it, too. Then and now this amazing fancy dress or cosplay as my friend said, was celebrated highly. 

What about you? How do you like it?

...and the original.

Happy weekend!

Xoxo ️♥ Johanna


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