This Is What Makes Us Girls

Hello my lovlies,

have a great start into the new week. For myself I can say that it was great because a great and early weekend is awaiting me with my best friend apart from that yesterday when I was looking for new mascara in my cosmetic bags I have found all my lost red lipsticks and hair clips again.

I know that I said I won't go shopping anymore but I also know that everyone of you can relate to the situation if your mother invites you to a shopping tour you can't resist especially if you find clothes in your most favorite color (purple) and preferred style, from a clothing you actually needed still, and of course one of your most favorite brand. Apart from that I could never refuse my beloved mother's question.
Well, this is what makes us girls.

See it below:

Bag - Hello Kitty

Marlene pants, pullover - She by Karstadt

Christmas accessories (because I wanted hearts) - Karstadt

And this arried from Armenia sent by my most favorite cousin who was on holiday back to the roots there (I was actually supposed to go with her but I couldn't because I got my job in the beloved Alsterhaus as happy compromise). And no, I don't only love her because she exactly caught my taste with silver, purple crystals and elements of the night.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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