Bonsoir mes chers amis,

yesterday was an emotionally really exhausting day for me. I feel very blessed to say that it was half as painful thanks to my very close friend who comforted me, my collegues and my incredibly adorable group in "Youth in the Parliament".

Well what do you do when you're down and need to think? - Relax. And how do you relax best? - As I have told you one of the best ways is some kind of wellness. As longer planned I went to the manicure yesterday to get myself artificial gel nails which was suggested by my mother.
It does have many adventages compared to the one or other disadvantage which I would like to name: On the one hand it helps you of your fingers are actually looking short to make them seem longer and even more slim. Besides from that your hands will look very well looked after all the time no matter if you do household-work or wash your hands many times furthermore your nails won't break as easily as they would usually (for example my real nails). And if you have the bad habit to nibble at your fingers you will forget about it as you have your new nails. Once a month (or every one and a half month) you would need to refresh your artificial days which would take about two hours (which is nothing compared to the other time you would actually have to spend daily or weekly for normal nails). Artificial nails don't just look sexy, they are also suitable for your everyday life especially if you are a busy woman.
Of course in the beginning you will have to get used to it and feel the one or other unpleasant feeling but it will fade. Another disadventage would be that if you get rid of them after a time your nails will feel very thin and breaking (but for that you would have a nail hardener by P2 for example)

The funny part yesterday was that I have chosen purple but while we were applying the paint we have noticed that the color was turning blue whereas I got in panic because the first layer looked pink.
Later on we have realized that the color I have chosen is a thermo-color which is turning blue in the warmth and gets purple when your fingers are cold.
Here is the result and some different nail moments.

My nails were done at Miu Nails in Hamburg where you get 30 % of discount for a new modellage, check them out on Facebook.

Today's blog entry was  written with Jimmy who turned 6 on Thurday :)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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