Don't Be A Maybe!

Hello my dear friends,

today is a long awaited, special day and I am supercharged for it! It is the day of the elections in Germany! Not only our German government will be elected but it will also be decided if the electricity and gas will stay privatized or not through a plebiscite.

I can always and only recommend or demand from people to take part in the elections because every single voice is worth something. Apart from that people can be proud and blessed to have this chance and take it and then complain or celebrate with a good conscience knowing they have done their part. So don't be a maybe! Make your choice if you can.
It was the very first time for me to elect. Maybe that's why I was even more excited, because that was how I felt, like an important part of a whole and the party I belong to. I felt strong and confident.

The first voice is for a candidate and the second one for the party you elect.

The final results aren't out yet but the party I have voted for is on a very good way. For the plebiscite I am very happy to tell you that we have reached even more voices than required and won this! YAAAAAY! I will keep you informed via Twitter about more.

Talking about the party I have voted for it was just natural to dress in the colors of that party to show my loyalty, red and black. The careful heads among you might now think that I am breaking my own rules because red and black are more or less replaced this year but it is also a real trendsetters duty to prepare you for the upcoming trends: Red and black come back as a duo. Sexier than ever for some romance in the cold and dark winter season.

Lipstick - Christian Dior; earrings - SIX; blouse - Mango; balloon skirt - Tally Weijl; watch - Chanel J12; bag - Harrod's

I am also presenting you my dark-red Dior lipstick which will certainly be my constant company in winter. Lips will be romantically red combined with a dramatically sexy black. Personally I think they especially suit very well if you have dark hair, just in the Snow White style.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. great post ! :)

  2. Nice Blog u got the... Love u Style... Just a hallo from

  3. Our ballots look nearly exactly the same. It's so exciting! Although I hear they're kind of a mess right now :P

  4. Love your look, it amazing!


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