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Salut mes chers,

today's blog entry is kept short.
I would rather like to ask your opinion today.

As I have told you, my two best male friends gave my a gift card for one of our Hamburg shopping centers, the Hamburger Meile (Engl.: Hamburg Mile) for my birthday, which naturally includes the very popular shop H&M. After thinking and talking to my mother, who is always giving me golden advices I have decided to invest it in something of high cost instead of more things of low costs.

In H&M I think I have found it: a black short blazer which is shows a beautiful waist and has wide shoulders. Just perfect if I think of my inspirations Catherine Oxenberg / Amamnda Carrington and Dynasty. On Last and this week's episodes she was wearing a similar blazer with glitter and diamons on it which caught my attention.

Amanda's / Catherine's version: She combined it with a white top and black Marlene pants.

I was thinking that I could redesign this H&M blazer a little bit and add some diamonds on it if I want to. But I do like the glitter on the shoulder part.

What do you think? Should I buy it? And furthermore should I re-design it or leave it for the beginning? - Share your thoughts with me.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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