Birthday At Its Best

Hello my sweet beloved darlings,

as I had already announced in my last entry early in the last week I would be too busy to be active much because of my big birthday weekend which I had prepared and celebrated on the weekend.
Of course I don't want to withhold the best birthday and weekend of my life from you.

First of all I would I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the most wonderful, beautiful and sweetest words and wishes and of course thank you even more for remembering my big day and making it special and unforgettable.

Since I have celebrated my last two birthday's rather big I wanted to keep my 20th rather smaller and had the great idea to celebrate it like a 10-year-old child in a retro style. So I have just invited my closest friends to my home. We watched the film "Rush Hour 3", played "Sing Star" and "Eye Toy" and listened to party music from the 1990s and early 2000s.
Sadly two of my best friends couldn't attend but they were with me in heart.

On 00:00 am I was then sang my birthday song, got a very delicious cake everyone fell for and we raised the glasses with ruby red sparkling wine for me.

After that I wanted to open my gifts as quickly as possible. I'm still flashed of them because it was the first time I was really surprised thrice, one brough out tears of joy of me and even wishes came true.

From my parents: A Tommy Hilfiger watch *-*

This is my wonderful big brother ♥ from him I've got the games Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy V for the Playstation 1

From my two best male friends, bodyguards and bros I've a got a giftcard for one of our shopping centers ♥ 

Another bestie of mine and her husband wrote a supersweet card with money in it and got me purple nail polish ♥ purple is my most favorite color

My bestie with the trendy pastel mint green top got me a supersweet long owl necklace in the shades of turquoise, chocolate with strawberry yorghurt filled in it and also wrote me a supersweet card.
My other bestie got me a gift which brough out tears of joy of me with one gift. A necklace with the USA flag in a heart form (it has a deeper meaning for me). Another beautiful gift was something like a beauty advent calendar for one week which should be meant for my first week as 20 year old lady. Her last gift reminded her of us from the design (leo print) so she got me a shower gel and body lotion.

During the opening of my gifts I was surprised. Someone rang at the door. First my brother went to see who it is and came back saying it's for me, after that I was asking who is there without opening the doors. I was screaming after my parents but they didn't seem to hear me. Then my big and buff friend came and opened the door saying: "Whoever it is I'm here and I will protect you."
We've opened the door and found 20 + 1 flowers (in the trend colors of this year) but we couldn't find out who it was so we call him my secret worshiper.
Yesterday in the noon someone else rang at the door saying he was sent by my uncle. This time my brother and mother went downstairs and brought a huge bouquet of flowers for me.
And today in the morning my very good from Mexico called me just for my birthday.

I have never had this on any other birthday. That's why it is so special and unforgettable thanks to everyone who made it possible ♥

The weekend started even earlier and cooler with something new on me (have you noticed it) and presenting it at the Douglas Ladies Night on which I have attended with my mother.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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