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Hello sweet people,

I have really missed you guys since my last post. I am quite busy this week and I will tell you about all latest in one week and also tell you why.

I just wanted to let you know once again that without you people I as blogger would be nothing. Blogging is my big passion and you make this passion arise more. That's why I keep offering you to take part in arranging my blogging by "wish-posts" or so called "Q and A" (question and answer). I am even happier if you attend to those offers via Facebook. for example like one of my fans did.
He asked me about the elections in Germany which took part last Sunday. He asked me in particular the following five questions.

I would be interested in if you are contented with the results of the elections.
I am partly contented with the results of the elections. My feeling has already told me that Merkel would certainly win another election, still she doesn't have the absolute majority. Besides from that the opposition is completely left oriented, not conservative like her party. That's a good point. I am also happy that the left political party (Die LINKE) has become the third most powerful party in the parliament. September 22nd, 2013 is a very important date for them. 

Are you sad that the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland; Engl.: "Alternative for Germany"-Party) failed shortly before the obstacle?
No, not really. I think nowadays a party like the AfD has no business to be in the parliament. We don't need a nationalistic party in the German parliament but left parties who are global and open-minded for the world.

What do you say about the failure of the FDP (Freie Demokratische Partei; Engl.: "Free Democratic Party")?
I don't think that the FDP has "failed" in this sense. The fact that the FDP isn't represented in our parliament anymore shows that there is a new generation of electors in Germany, a young one which is taking part in politics and the future of its country. I am talking about the generation of the mid-1990s which is tending left. This orientation is showing the independence of the young people.

What do you think would be the best coalition for us?
Personally I think - just like the European Union - that for the moment the red-red-green coalition would be the best for us. As I have already said our nation wants a left government. A government which is taking care of its nation and furthermore of its youth and future because the young people are the future and the old-age provision if they have no perspective and help to get independent from the government  how are they going to help their elders? The red-red-green parties have realized that problems and are looking for ways to solve them. They are moreover closing friendships with other countries and are world-opened. They are also taking care of their poor majority and look for fairness and equality within the country. That's what counts for a good-working system.

What do you think of the manipulation reproach during the elections towards the CDU/CSU (Christlich Demokratische Union, Engl: Christian Democratic Union) ?
I can't and I don't want to say something to this since I haven't ocupied myself with this closely but it can be possible since Merkel and her party have succeeded for 8 years and it was thinkable that they might have wanted to make history by winning another elections. Still I don't want to reproach anything to anyone.

I hope I could answer your questions well, dear, and I hope you've enjoyed reading my interview and statement about the elections. I am lately asked this question very often since I am involved in politics and study political science.

The next entry will be more about fashion again.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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